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Established in 1964, Loren Williams is a family run business and one of Scotland’s most prestigious suppliers and manufacturers of high quality mattresses. Not only do we supply mattresses throughout our shops we also supply to hotels, guest houses, hospitals and letting agencies.

The Loren Williams Range

Cashmere Latex 4000

Boasting 4000 pocket springs and a luxurious knitted fabric cover with cashmere for an all round luxurious feel.

Gel 4000

With 4000 pocket springs and a gel infused comfort layer the Gel 4000 ensures you wake up feeling energised.


Luxury cotton fillings, super soft foam and 3200 pocket springs provide a luxurious sleeping experience.

Ultimate 2400 Pocket

Designed for maximum back support with super soft foam and 1400 mini pocket springs supported with 1000 below.

Gel 2000

Say goodbye to restless nights! The Gel 2000 offers all the benefits of a foam mattress but with a cooling effect.


Designed with luxury in mind, the Premier Mattress contains 2000 pocket springs, luxury cotton fillings and super soft foam.


The Tuscany is the ultimate mattress to provide an undisturbed nights sleep. Providing fantastic edge to edge support with 1500 pocket springs.

Pure Comfort

The top cover of this mattress is quilted with luxury bamboo knitted fabric helping you get a better night’s sleep.


The Monaco contains 1500 pocket springs with microfibre and luxury cotton fillings offering edge to edge support.

Memory Pocket Deluxe

Featuring 1200 pocket springs with luxury layers of cotton and 4cm of memory foam offering individual support and comfort edge to edge.

Ultra Memory Pocket

The Ultra Memory Pocket Mattress comprises of 1000 pocket springs with luxury cotton and memory foam fillings offering individual support.


1000 Pocket Springs offer a firm feel with adaptive spring support, helping you get a good nights sleep.

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All of our mattresses are designed to deliver long lasting performance and are manufactured to give the perfect night’s sleep.

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Listening to what our customers want is key to our success, our team are therefore available to support you with any queries.

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Experienced in manufacturing and supplying mattresses, you can be confident with high quality, fast lead time and exceptional value.

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Our team can help your business grow. From design to manufacture, supply and promotion, we can help you maximise your profits.

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