Dreams have no boundaries.

We believe that people can achieve anything after a good night's sleep.

Everyone’s dreams are unique, just like everyone’s sleep preferences. Our sleep experts have therefore designed each of our products to have their own characteristics and benefits – confident that there’s something for everyone.

Loren Williams is for those who don’t accept the status quo. It’s for the ambitious, the innovators, trendsetters, the adventurous – and above all else – those who wake up ready to chase their dreams.

So, whatever your dreams, take control, set no boundaries and achieve more with Loren Williams.


Our flagship mattress

Our flagship mattress will make you forget about restless nights. 6,000 pocket springs support you for the ultimate in comfort. Two layers of micro springs relieve pressure for an unparalleled peaceful night. Generous layers of cashmere, natural wool, and cotton fillings hug your body so you feel like you’re floating. The ultimate luxury mattress so you can wake up and seize the day.

Loren Williams Collection

Sienna Luxe

Boasting 4,500 pocket springs and luxurious layers of cashmere, wool, and cotton fillings, this mattress promises complete relaxation as it effortlessly supports your body. A layer of latex and silk ensures it’s breathable and comfortable, and a layer of micro springs enhances circulation and pressure relief. Foam encapsulated for complete edge-to-edge support, it offers fantastic support whatever position you sleep in.

Sienna Comfort

Achieve a fantastic night’s sleep in any position with this luxurious mattress. With 3,500 pocket springs, as well as a layer of micro springs to enhance circulation and relieve pressure, your body is well supported for peaceful rest. Foam encapsulated for edge-to-edge comfort, and with generous layers of cashmere, natural wool, and cotton fillings, you’ll be completely relaxed in any sleeping position.

Sienna Pure

The ultimate mattress made from sumptuous natural materials. Featuring 2,500 pocket springs as well as a layer of micro springs that contour to your body and relieve pressure, it offers outstanding support whatever position you sleep in. Generously filled with layers of natural wool and cotton, this mattress provides totally natural comfort so you can sleep peacefully.


The Ultimate 2400 Pocket Mattress is designed for maximum back support, made with 1400 small pocket springs directly on top of 1000 additional, supportive pocket springs. With super soft foam and luxurious layers of cotton filling providing tremendous comfort and fantastic support all night long.

Grace Luxe

Offering exceptional support, this mattress boasts 3,000 zoned pocket springs that distribute weight evenly, as well as micro springs that relieve pressure and enhance circulation. Luxury cotton, natural wool, and latex fillings ensure lasting comfort throughout the night. Finished with a sumptuous pillow top, this mattress offers firm support so you can wake up rested and refreshed.

Grace Comfort

This mattress offers unbeatable care for your whole body. Its 2,000 zoned pocket springs distribute weight evenly and support you wherever you need it, plus there’s soft support at the shoulders and firmer support at the hips and lower back. Boasting latex and cotton fillings as well as foam encapsulation, this is a fabulous choice if you need firmer support for a totally restful night.

Grace Pure

Completely relax with this mattress, with 1,000 pocket springs and natural latex and cotton fillings for softness and comfort all night long. Edge-to-edge support offers a larger sleeping area so you can wake up feeling refreshed, no matter what position you sleep in. A fantastic choice for those who need firmer support, this mattress will leave you waking up fresh and ready to greet the day.

Harriet Superior

Enjoy excellent lumbar support with 1,600 zoned pocket springs, allowing you to completely relax. A diced foam layer contours to your body for better circulation and unparalleled comfort, whatever position you sleep in. A great choice for back and spine support, this mattress keeps you comfortable throughout the night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Harriet Luxe

Offering fantastic support that alleviates pressure and pain, this mattress boasts 1,400 zoned pocket springs that distribute weight evenly. Made of convoluted foam, your body is supported throughout the night for the ultimate restful sleep. Natural wool and cotton fillings create a soft and sumptuous mattress that supports back and spine alignment, so you can wake up ready to chase your dreams.

Harriet Comfort

Relieve pain and pressure with this refreshing mattress, featuring 1,200 zoned pocket springs to evenly distribute weight and convoluted foam designed to alleviate pressure points and provide total relaxation. Natural cotton fillings provide complete comfort throughout the night, and edge-to-edge support means you’ll sleep well in any position, allowing you to wake up and make the most of every day.

Harriet Pure

Experience the ultimate in comfort, with 1,000 pocket springs that adapt to your body for unbeatable support. Ideal for those who prefer firmer support, this mattress’s convoluted foam is designed to alleviate pressure and pain. With sumptuous natural cotton fillings and edge-to-edge support, you can enjoy total comfort throughout the night and wake up ready to make the most of your day.


Guiding you to a better night's sleep

Embrace all the benefits of a traditional mattress but with the convenience of delivery in a box. Boasting an innovative 7 zone pocket spring system and memory foam layers that encapsulate the body, this mattress brings comfort like no other. With foam encapsulated sides to provide support right to the edge and a breathable pillow top finish, it offers the best in both convenience and comfort.


Offering the convenience of boxed delivery but boasting a traditional pocket spring system, this mattress provides a fantastic level of comfort and support. Its deep quilted fabric helps to relieve pressure, whilst diced foam and a breathable knitted surface provide improved air circulation. With luxury cotton fillings and natural latex, you’re guaranteed a cosy and comfortable sleep throughout the night.


Enjoy the perfect night’s sleep with this adjustable luxury pillow. Featuring two sleep surfaces, including a cool side that disperses heat and moisture, it also has foam cubes that can be added or removed from the pillow to create the perfect level of support, whatever your sleeping position. A natural down filling and breathable cotton cover provide a luxurious feel that will guide you soundly to sleep.


This pillow boasts an innovative pocket spring unit and microfibre filling that promises the ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulder. It always recovers to its original state, eliminating the need to fluff the pillow. Its breathable cotton cover and in-built airflow vents regulate temperature by allowing air to move freely through the pillow, helping you stay comfortable all night.


The ideal pillow for all seasons, this innovative design guarantees great sleep no matter the temperature. With dual sleep surfaces, you get the support of memory foam with one side wrapped in a soothing, cooling fabric that dissipates heat, creating a cooling effect on your skin. The combination these two sleep surfaces makes this pillow is a great choice whichever side you choose to sleep on.

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